I am motion

There is a freedom in having less but a greed to experience. I never want to get stuck in the motions..I am the motion. The gear that unwinds the clock, and not just the clock that ticks on.

Life moments

Mood: currently meditating on my life. Truth: Life can be scary, embrace the ebb and flow. Resolution: Choose joy and never give up!


I crawled through the darkness. I have overcome the evil that tried to steal my joy. I am not the hurt that I have witnessed and been through. I am the healer of my sorrow and wounds. I choose to persist everyday that is the difference. I do not fail until I give up. I am a survivor.


I feel it in my bones. This need to pack my shit and let go. Find peace in the unfamiliar. Trust not by eyesight alone but allowing my heart to guide me. I have always had this desire to travel but its scratching at the door. I feel unsettled in the comfortable. I need wild water, lilac mountains, moonlight tucking in a blanket of stars, the arms of a shade tree. I want simple. I want truth. I want nature.

Waking up to new.

I have had this burning desire to light up my life again with words. Except, this time its different. My life took a dramatic change. I stopped writing and lost myself somewhere in the mix of chaos. Healing has taken time but my dreams are still wide awake. Ready to be poured out upon life’s many pages. That is the beautiful thing about writing, our personal stories never end.

The magic has begun…

 This is my absolute favorite time of year here in Arkansas. The alluding beauty of fall brings me a special kind of joy. There is a whimsical smell that the air carries. As the leaves chase eachother through the air in melody. The sharp sound of the tea kettle whistling as the chai tea brews. Wrapping yourself in a cashmere blanket snuggled up to your favorite book. Homemade pumpkin pie like your grandmother used to make baking in the oven. The sweet aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger enrapturing your home. Cozy hayrides bunched up next to the people you love. The silhouette of a campfire crackling against the indigo night sky. There is such an enlightening beauty that fall brings every year. A magic that creeps its way into our hearts one leaf at a time. This is what I love about fall!


Ah! The pleasures of writing again….

  As I was laying in bed last-night, I suddenly realized that I forgot to write for three months straight. Funny how one can so easily get caught up in the crazy web of life.  I have truly missed just taking those few minutes out of my day to clear my head through writing. One thing I have learned to be this year is patient.  That is a huge step for me because patience doesn’t come natural to me. For those of you who don’t know…I have taken a break from culinary school until my husband finishes his schooling.  I decided to stay home and be with the kids. Adia, my little girl is starting kindergarten this year and I wanted to be involved as much as possible. Most of you know that Matthew and I conceived in March of last year and now have a sweet, happy, and healthy baby boy that brings so much joy to our family. So, yes! We have been plenty busy. Though, at times I miss having my own quiet time. Something, I can call my own. A time to escape from all the noise.

  This is a rare, sacred luxury that may come every great once in awhile. Mom’s you know what I’m talking about…the quiet sound of silence. Feed a passion, quality time with a close girlfriend, reading your favorite book at the local coffee-shop, involving yourself in the community you may live in ect.  Sometimes, we are so caught up in taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves. This is important to our overall well-being.  This is not to undermine helping others because that is very important as well. But, it is also good to let others give a hand whenever we are feeling tired. So, that we can re-charge and remain steadfast in serving others.  Find your quiet place today and enjoy the sweet taste of simplicity!




Use it up, wear it out, and be creative!

I would like to start off saying that being productive is such a great feeling to me. The challenge is programming your mind to be resourceful every day. I would compare it to setting an alarm clock every night because that is a responsibility that we each must make. It is a sign of immaturity to buy things any moment we desire it. Self control is not always easy but it has its rewards. Our family saved 100-150 dollars last month because we chose to.
We live in a society that promotes that everyone should want; in reality everyone should need less. I honestly, prefer to have less in my life because it teaches you to be thankful. The life of simplicity is so releasing. As a mom, I do not need anymore “things” to bound my time. Get creative! Find ways of re-using, re-purposing and reap true fulfillment. In doing this, it teaches you to become selfless. Not only that, but I want my children to grow up cherishing the things God has blessed us with. I want going out to eat to not merely be a regular every day errand but a special time to share with my family. There were many times in the past where I felt as though Christmas had began to lose its meaning. I watched my four- year old tear into one present after the next as if it was just the every year routine. This broke my heart because I realized her wonder and joy no longer shined as before. Honestly, I questioned myself for a long time wondering if I had been the catalyst. It made sense…all those years I had been so distracted with what everyone wanted for Christmas that I never took the time to ask myself,”What do they need?” This year my husband and I decided that we are only buying the kids one gift each. I want to teach them to be responsible, mature, thankful, creative and most of all happy!

Tip#2 Re-use glass and plastic food containers after they are empty for storage.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

I quit my job at around eight months pregnant with our son, Zion Matthew. I made the decision to stay home with both the kids. I just love being a mommy its the best job in the world! Daycare is so expensive and quite honestly I want to raise my own kids. Being that my husband is the only one working at this time, we both agreed to go back to the basics. I recently started couponing and spying out what goes on sale. This has become my new favorite hobby. I base our weekly meals on specials at the store. Yes, I have become the crazy coupon lady but that is ok with me because I am saving money. I am not saying that we haven’t had to make sacrifices..for example, eating out, buying name brand Starbucks coffee or going to the movies has become a “special treat.” I believe it can make you appreciate things alot more than you normally would. Sometimes, the hubby and I will have a movie ” date-nite” after the kids have went to bed. We will basically camp out on the couch with our favorite ” movie-time” snacks and rent a movie from Netflix…its oh so nice! If we decide to go out to eat one week then I usually have a coupon for the restaurant we are going to. My next plan to save money is to get my sewing machine fixed so that I can start making clothes for the kids as they continue to grow. The older I’m getting the more practical I’m becoming. These days its so expensive to just live especially for families that is why saving is so important to us. The month of April’s challenge is to see how much we can save. Every week that I go to the store I’m going to record the amount spent as well as the amount saved and see how it equals out in the end. The budget for groceries is $100-150 every two weeks. I will allow you to follow me on this saving frenzy adventure sharing tips and ideas for dinner along the way;)

Tip # 1
Buy a three ring binder and fill with plastic business card dividers to help keep the coupons nice. I would suggest getting dividers to separate the category of coupons as well to keep it organized for example: frozen grocery, dry grocery, misc. ect.


Life as an existing mother

If I was given a few words to describe motherhood, these would be the lines I chose to say.

A fulfillment that has no expiration date.

Exhaustion becomes the pillows best-friend.

A special kind of gratitude that sticks like glue.

A selfless love that never stops expanding in its depths.

Teaching your children through example; not merely words alone.

Listening to your child with not only your ears but your heart as well.

Uplifting your children with encouraging words.

Challenging yourself to see the world through your child’s’ eyes.

Learning to discipline with an open-mind.

Choosing to be the parent they need on a daily basis.

Creating moments that turn into memories which forever engrave themselves into your child’s heart.


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