New beginnings.

</a> Easter means so much more to me than bunnies hopping around and supposedly laying colorful eggs. I like to think of new beginnings. Not because of the holiday just simply spending time with the one’s I love. Sure, its fun finding eggs full of chocolate especially for the little ones. I myself enjoyed watching the excitement on adia’s face as she stuffed her mouth full of chocolate. It was quite humorous the pride that shone through those blue eyes as she found her first egg. Home is where my family is no matter the holiday. There is a fulfillment in knowing I can spend every single day with them anytime of the year and that makes life even more special to me. Today let someone know you love them no matter what day of the year it is. 🙂


A camping we will go….

</a> A camping we will go, a camping we will go, to a special campground, Oh a camping we will go. So while trying to decide what to do this weekend, we mutually agreed to camp in the front yard. Eccentric eh? I think so….. Everyone needs some color in their life. So paint yours with all your heart. ❤

A closer look inside the closet of nature

Nature is a beautiful thing isn’t it? I’m in absolute awe everytime I embrace nature and it’s wonderous surroundings. It’s all so new and vibrant. The lush green trees and their branches reach out to me in such a way that it leaves me speechless. I needed to be reminded of how small I am compared to this universe. It was refreshing. Sometimes we become numb to the simple things because are lives are too busy to take notice of something other than our own pile of selfish somethings. Instead of evolving into something productive, we consume ourselves with the next thing that doesn’t really matter. Take the time this week to enjoy the simplicity of life. A truth will be spoken to your heart if only you let it.

New bows

Time for some spring cleaning……

So right about this time, I’m reminded that while the birds and bees are actively taking parts in their springtime tasks…I must also. It’s a funny feeling I don’t look forward to. I’m going to give myself some credit; I do work full-time and come home and whip up something for my darlings. Overwhelmed would be the word that comes to mind whenever I think of getting rid of those dusty critters that like to make themselves at home whenever life gets a little busy. Sorry fella’s, but momma’s got her broom and dustpan and she’s about to kick you into next week until she has to clean you up again. This is the one thing I look forward to about spring cleaning. There are plenty of things to keep you busy between the laundry room, the closet where you stuff everything because you have nowhere else to put it, the dishes from yesterday that just sit there…yeah they just sit there, and last but not least the projects that await you on the refrigerator. All I need is some funky music, a glass of wine and my devoted cleaning supplies. I love to use homemade recipes such as 1/4 cup vinegar,1/4 cup of water,1/4 cup of lemon juice great dust buster. A great cleaning reference book is The Healthy Household by Lynn Marie Bower. This book is a lifesaver whenever it come to recipes and information needed to get your dream cleaning done. Ladies, treat yourselves afterwards you deserve it. Happy cleaning! 🙂

Ah Spring!

Spring reminds me of glasses filled with lemonade and sweet breezy sunshine. There is a softness and clarity floating through the air; a subtle whisper of hope that all is new. A reminder to all of us that life is ever changing. Take a deep breath let the calm surround your soul as your heart grows along with the seasons 🙂

Making a difference one mile at a time.

My husband and I have recently discovered we need more less in our lives. I’m sure if all of us around the globe thought about it, we would discover this same truth if only we open our eyes to it. I would much rather bicycle to work a couple of miles every day than start my 1999 jeep cherokee that costs me $50.00 dollars to fill up every week. The benefits of bicyling are endless. A few examples are staying fit, enjoying every detail of mother nature and its splendid surroundings, $0 dollars on gas, cleaning up trash along the way, and no toxic pollutants are given off by riding a bike. Some of us have jobs that take more than a couple of miles to get to work. Example: My husband, Matthew works in NLR. He is going to be taking the bus halfway and bicycle the rest. We as a universal people have no excuse for not doing our part. Imagine if one person took the time to make a difference everyday multiply that by twenty or more and you have yourself a revolution. Think about it!

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