A crisp, beautiful night the perfect time for a swift mile or two.

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Every runner must attain his or her own style of running before hitting the terrain. One must know himself and the limits his body can and cannot handle. My style is simply this: Run at my own pace and listen to my body. My four essentials that I must have are the following: A positive mindset, my time watch to keep up the pace, reliable tennis shoes, and my big jug of cold water waiting for me as I finish. There is such a sweet release in running…knowing that I can run out my front door at any given moment and leave the world behind me for a little bit. I love feeling the wind run through my skin and in that moment there is freedom. I can push myself to be anyone I want to be as my feet leave the chalky dust behind me. Not only can I bear my soul to nature in itself..I can see beyond the hustle of everyday. I make myself vulnerable to the outside world yet in the stillness I feel not fear but triumph. Recently, I started reading Born to Run By
Christopher McDougall its a beautiful illustration of why running is so much more than sweat and blood…its something to be passionate about and fall in love with each and everyday.


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