Remembering September 11,2001.

I remember being in the 9th grade and was attending morning exercise/prayer time at First Gospel Academy. A private school that I grew up in since the time of I was young. We had just finished up and we’re heading to the classroom when I saw Bret Winigar come running through the building with a radio blasting. Eyes full of sheer panic and dismay.
My Uncle Billy was one of the teachers who worked at the school and interceded in the situation. Most of the students, were still trying to figure out what had just happened. We were motioned to head to our designated desks and a T.V. was brought into the classroom. The images I saw that day on the television screen have forever changed my life.
I saw the airplane hit the first trade center and my heart sank. It was hard to shake the mere shock that befell me. We all stood there hoping to see a miracle but knowing the events that lead up to that sad day would change history. Emotions were high as the two trade centers collapsed into a trail of dust before our eyes. A deep fear arose inside of me and I had to say a silent prayer.May we continue praying for our country and remember a somber day on Sept 11,2001.


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