Goals for the year continued……….

Thus far I’m accomplishing my weight loss goal one small portioned meal at a time. My size 7 pants are getting looser and I’ve lost 4 pounds. YAY! me. I have’t to confess I have only exercised once since my last blog entry which being said was tonight. Being the oh so faithful blog readers you are…I feel comfortable stating I’m not perfect nor an on a strict schedule kind of person. To sweat or not sweat? But…as an oath to all of you I shall sweat. As for the preserving…I’m currently researching all the essentials I will need to have before I can start in my little blue book guide to preserving. My soap experiments will start whenever Christmas is over and I can buy the glass molds, glycerin and such. Trying to be resourceful 😉 I looked at my knitting needles today which is a start right? I will need to purchase the fabric to pair with the needles when it goes on sale. Writing should be divinely inspired so I plan on writing whenever I feel the inspiration. Sometimes it’s at 1:00 in the morning other times it’s during Adia’s nap-time when mommy gets a little quiet time. Oh to be patient…always the hardest task for me. Maybe, I should add that to my goals as well?


Goals for the year….to be continued.

I would like to think myself to be a creative individual who loves learning new things.That being said, my current random projects for the year are as follows:

Losing weight= Bliss. Do not fear curious blog readers I will keep you informed of my current endeavors every week. 😉

Teaching myself to preserve fruits, vegetables, meats into one glass jar full of pure heavenly delight.

Creating my very own signature soap with various supplies such as molds, scented oils, glycerin and all that soapy stuff.

Attempting to knit boutique style accessories while trying not to knot myself up in a big mess of furry.

Taking my vintage 1962 singer sewing machine to the fix it shop so I can design Matthew, Adia and my clothes from now on.

Write more songs so I can eventually perform alongside my dean acoustic/electric guitar.

These next few weeks should be interesting….

My mission for the month……lose weight.

I guess the gingerbread man and can’t be friends anymore. No offense gingerbread man you have been really sweet, maybe a little too sweet. I have not only cut you out of my circle but others as well. Yes! I have been cutting my portions down to 1/2 and drinking more water. Exercising is my new best friend..more challenging for me and that’s exactly what I needed. Now
and then I think about you and then I’m reminded of how you slowly crept up my pant-size then I’m over it. So….BAM!