Notes from culinary school.

Thus far, culinary school has been a outstanding experience. Today, we made chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. Banana nut Bread and Blueberry muffins. Our instructor, Chef Lee has paired us in groups of five every wk. Our group has come out on top every week. Chef Lee told our group that our recipes have been the best so far. This was music to my ears being that I’m competitive. “Your only as good as the last meal you prepared”, as spoken by my instructor, Chef Ginnochio, from my food production class. In this particular class we will be creating savory dishes. This weekend I must write a 1500 word, 3 page, single-spaced research paper. Subject: my choice. I chose writing about travel and culture and how these two effect the food industry.

One of the many tricks to self control in the culinary program is bringing gum. Yes, I bring my Trident White gum every time I attend class so I don’t overindulge myself. I try the many creations in class but I watch the portions being I’m trying to maintain my current goals for the year which will be in upcoming blog. A true chef will try all of his artwork. One should always carry passion and depth in their work. Being, I’m a perfectionist every product must come out looking and tasting like the Mona Lisa. I take this profession seriously and want to excel to the very top. Big World here I come! Enjoy the pictures:)


Life and it’s many surprises!

This morning, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and had a steeping- round cup of hot coffee…….AH! I continued in my normal routine, brushed my teeth, dressed myself, and ate a bowl of Cornflakes. Why so early? Well, my Food Production I class started today..WOO-HOO! Another factor, Meme ( mother-in-law) was going to be watching Adia until I got out of school.
Sleeping Beauty (Adia) was snoozing so gracefully, I didn’t particularly enjoy waking her up. She was a trooper though. As she marched herself off to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

My sweet husband offered to switch vehicles being that it rained hard last night. The tread on my Jeep Cherokee tires aren’t fancy! He just wanted to make sure I would be alright. 😉
I agreed to the idea and so we headed our separate ways. Have you ever had one of those annoying radio stations blaring out ridiculous things super early in the morning? Today..was one of those mornings.

So…I’m sitting there driving and there it is. The epiphany of all things obnoxious….Question is do I turn it off while holding a cup of monstrous hot coffee or deal with it?
I chose turn it off which led to spillage and then scream-age. Not really..but I wanted to. I meet up with sweet Meme, give Adia lots of sugars and hit the road. Then it hits me… I didn’t get sweeped off by a garbage truck. I come to the realization that my phone is missing which in fact, I lose everyday..literally.

I decide to drive home, change my coffee drenched I don’t look like the kid who’s still takes a pacifier at age 10 because he can. Search for my phone that has legs…then Aha!
There it is wedged in between the two seats in the car. Yay! Pure bliss…I’m on a roll again. I arrive at my destination and I’m happy.

School lets out and I go to start the ignition. Click. Click. Click….Nothing. I call my husband let him know whats going on…and in a snap he come’s to my rescue ❤
Conveniently, Matthew has a class at the same campus as me.. so we just switched vehicles. We decide to focus on letting the day go and worrying about the details later.
We say our goodbyes and encourage each other!

I was cruising about 50-55 on hwy after leaving campus, then I hear a thunderous booming sound. Followed by a rattling and major pressure on the Jeep. My first reaction, "What in the world?" I slow down my speed to about 30 and call Matt. Um, sweetheart there is an odd sound coming from the Jeep. Matt, "Yeah?" Me, " Yeah, wanna hear it?" I hold the phone up so it can absorb the mind-boggling sound. Matt's response,"Um, what is that?" Me, " I"m going to pullover."

We arrange for Meme to assist picking me up as of the circumstances. Obviously, Car trouble of some sort. It was scary, to say the least. I decide to bite the bullet and drive 1/2 mile down the road to meet her. As I'm driving it feels like my Jeep is going to explode from all the pressure coming from underneath. I'm getting ready to pull into the parking lot and I notice a look of sheer panic stretch across Meme's face. Her arm's waving ; yelling STOP!

I park the Jeep. Run around to where Meme is standing and notice my left front tire is hanging on by one sheared lug-nut/stud. Meme looked at me in astonishment and said," Honey, there we're angels watching over you today." My response, " I know." Sent chills up and down my spine.
Here's some pictures of the lug-nut/stud.

Life get’s hectic sometimes. Believe me. Always count your blessings. Today I counted mine.

Remodeling the new apartment.

The last few weeks of my life have been busy. My husband and I both started school and are moving into a new apartment in less than a week. Being the remodeling guru I am…the process has been quite fun. Two years back we remodeled the current apartment we are living in and let me tell ya it was a transformation. My decorating style has evolved since our last project as well.

Our new kitchen is a deep ruby barn red. The decoration style will be retro cafe’. Living room is a cocoa parfait’ color which is very light and airy mixed with a flea market style & vintage flavor. The bathroom is a mossy grey green with a hint of country charm. Adia’s bedroom will be painted either a rose pink, light lavender, or peachy pink and style will consist of whimsical fairy tale. Our bedroom is an antique white and the style will be shabby chic.

My inspiration for decorating is country living and do it yourself magazines. I enjoy creating style out of salvage finds. Flea markets/ Antique shops are the best resource for discovering treasure. There are so many innovative ways to dramatically change the use of everyday things you may have around your house. This idea not only gives perspective but creativity a whole new name. Here’s our progress thus far….
Matt cutting in on the edges of the wall in our bedroom

Painting the fun part.....

Adia helping Dad-o cut in.

Angle of Adia's soon to be bedroom.

The master bedroom.

The living room thus far...

The bathroom.

Our study room

Stairway that will be painted in the next couple of weeks.

Halfway decorated kitchen.



Remembering special snapshots of your life.

I remember the day Matthew and I got married on May 15th, 2010. I was so anxious the night before we got married that I couldn’t sleep. The alarm clock went off at 5:00 a.m. and I remember feeling overwhelmed with emotions. My sisters arrived at the apartment early to help me gather my things to take to the church. Upon arriving, we dolled ourselves up in the ladies restroom and said a little prayer.
The every intricate detail of our wedding is forever sealed in my mind. The weather was slightly rainy being it was springtime. Everyone gathered for photography pictures before the wedding in a big clump of happy. I recall telling my dad,”Don’t let me faint!” Soon, the celebration of our union had begun.
Matthew was waiting at the end of the aisle for me eye’s wide and heart overflowing. Tears trickling down his rose hued cheek. This was one of those mental snapshot moments…I will never forget. It warmed my entire being to know that for the rest of my life I had someone to love and they loved me in return. Needless to say, I cried a little too.
That day was swift yet beautiful and I will never forget loving one so true.

Recipe for German Sauerkraut

Recently, while my mom was care taking her sweet little Ms. Mary..she was introduced to a recipe for German sauerkraut.
Being I have a German heritage, I was very eager to try this recipe. Pairs well with 100% beef hot dogs and Dijon mustard. The sauerkraut has subtle sweetness to it yet tangy..thus the brown sugar in it.

28oz of plain sauerkraut. ( Drained)
1 small yellow onion. (Diced)
2 strips of bacon/ cut in small pieces.
2 tbsp. of brown sugar.
pinch of pepper.
2tbsp of olive oil
Brown ingredients in a large skillet with 2tbsp of olive oil for 20-30 minutes on low. Toss & turn until a slight grilled texture. Perfection!

And it shall come to pass…the unexplained is inevitable.

There are so many people that have let their fears,anxieties and impulses take control of their lives’. In all honesty, we can invest our time in others, pray for our country & the leaders governing it, and ultimately putting ourselves ourselves last. Conversely is obviously not working because it’s happening right now. Sometimes admitting that we don’t understand all things is the doorway to knowledge. We let opinions, technology, religion,and government sway us to and fro.

The unexplained is simply this: unexplained. I believe with all my heart somethings are meant to be a mystery. If all things we’re known, What would there be to unbound? I like the feeling of being a paint-stroke across a bigger canvas than I.

The joys and sorrows of motherhood.

I came home from the gym yesterday to find my booger bear burning up with fever…Oh how it breaks my heart. My husband waited to tell me in fear of me getting upset. Needless to say, I was upset it’s kinda a mommy thing. These are the time’s whenever motherhood makes me sad. The not having control of an inevitable situation scare’s me.

Although, I know she will be o.k. it’s exhausting worrying about it. Let’s see we woke up this morning three or four times after Daddy left for work which was around 4:00-5:00 a.m.
I felt little booger bear make her way into the bed right around 4:00 this morning to snuggle with Mommy. Then, she woke up thirsty for water a couple of times because she was dehydrated. After she officially woke up, I put on “The Velveteen Rabbit” on Netflix ( I guess subconsciously) as I drifted back off into dreamland.

Marched my booty out of bed @ 9:30 made a cup of raspberry chocolate truffle coffee. Then, I proceeded to make Adia a big slam breakfast which consisted of eggs,waffles,bacon and chocolate milk. That’s the easy part about being a Mommy is doing special things just for them. That girl can eat up some bacon now. Ironically…her stuffed pink piggy is her favorite snuggle toy. (laughs)

I asked Adia how she was feeling after breakfast…Her response,” Still sick.” This kid makes me laugh even when it’s hard to. After breakfast, I gave her a bubble bath, read her a poem, then laid her down for nap-time. As she was sleeping, I gathered all her toys and disinfected them in the sink. Funny how us Mommy’s take charge when it come’s to our babies.

Today, I was reminded of the poem I wrote after she was born:

Adia Claire
I pray for you every night, the angels will surround you in their golden light.
Precious soul, there are so many things to see. Beyond the womb where you we’re set free.
Gift of life you are. Bright and Beautiful- my sparkling star.
I love you deeper than the sky’s width always and forever.

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