Sharing my notes from Baking I class and everyday random.

I know all of you must be eager to hear of my culinary adventure Saturday. So, I will just start from the very beginning. I went to the McDonald’s drive thru on the way to school and ordered a Cheeseburger Happy Meal. Well, you know the anticipation that you feel after your meal is handed to you? This wasn’t the particular case…at all.

I unravel the thin, crisp, oil drenched wrapper to find a lame cheeseburger. The top bun looked like a bird pooped mustard on it and the cheese was partially melted. I blessed my food, as always and decided to take the plunge into the unknown being that I was already really hungry. Needless to say, I didn’t eat the poorly made cheeseburger. What happened to sense of quality?
People have lost an appreciation for each other and food preparation. Naturally, fast food restaurants are quick, easy and convenient. Hospitality doesn’t seem to be as of much importance these days to the hostess or consumer. Where did our love for all things rich and heartfelt go? We as a society need more passion in our lives’.

This year don’t be afraid to fall in love with food that brings 100% handmade with love satisfaction guaranteed.
Life is always sweeter when we enjoy it. Anyways, that’s my muse for not only myself but you foodies out there as well.And so the story continues…..I arrive at school and meet all my classmates and culinary adventurer’s alike. My teacher, Chef Lee wasn’t drier than the Sahara desert sand which was nice. He was a mixture of warm and welcoming.

The class over-viewed guidelines/procedures for maintaining a clean kitchen work space. We we’re also shown the kitchen in where the creativity,competition and cooking will take place. Chef Lee said, “Empty oven is no money.” I believe this statement to be self-explanatory don’t you think? Designated groups we’re chosen for next wk’s challenge.
Creating a cookie masterpiece by working together as a team to think of mutual ingredients that would intrigue all senses.


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