The joys and sorrows of motherhood.

I came home from the gym yesterday to find my booger bear burning up with fever…Oh how it breaks my heart. My husband waited to tell me in fear of me getting upset. Needless to say, I was upset it’s kinda a mommy thing. These are the time’s whenever motherhood makes me sad. The not having control of an inevitable situation scare’s me.

Although, I know she will be o.k. it’s exhausting worrying about it. Let’s see we woke up this morning three or four times after Daddy left for work which was around 4:00-5:00 a.m.
I felt little booger bear make her way into the bed right around 4:00 this morning to snuggle with Mommy. Then, she woke up thirsty for water a couple of times because she was dehydrated. After she officially woke up, I put on “The Velveteen Rabbit” on Netflix ( I guess subconsciously) as I drifted back off into dreamland.

Marched my booty out of bed @ 9:30 made a cup of raspberry chocolate truffle coffee. Then, I proceeded to make Adia a big slam breakfast which consisted of eggs,waffles,bacon and chocolate milk. That’s the easy part about being a Mommy is doing special things just for them. That girl can eat up some bacon now. Ironically…her stuffed pink piggy is her favorite snuggle toy. (laughs)

I asked Adia how she was feeling after breakfast…Her response,” Still sick.” This kid makes me laugh even when it’s hard to. After breakfast, I gave her a bubble bath, read her a poem, then laid her down for nap-time. As she was sleeping, I gathered all her toys and disinfected them in the sink. Funny how us Mommy’s take charge when it come’s to our babies.

Today, I was reminded of the poem I wrote after she was born:

Adia Claire
I pray for you every night, the angels will surround you in their golden light.
Precious soul, there are so many things to see. Beyond the womb where you we’re set free.
Gift of life you are. Bright and Beautiful- my sparkling star.
I love you deeper than the sky’s width always and forever.


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