Composting, Gardening & Preserving the Harvest.

I was walking at the park today with a dear friend of mine, (Bonnie) who is also a wife, mother, craftsman, and loyal friend. Alike, we both seek to find better time management between our busy schedules. Exercise is one of the many things we discussed, being it’s hard fitting it in the tightly-strewn schedule at times. Some days, I would like to just sew my heart away until all thread and material dissapeared from my hand. This can be a challenge as I have a three year old, whom requires alot of my attention. I love every bit of being a parent but there are times you just want to be yourself as well. As mothers, we can sometimes get lost in investing so much in our husbands and children that we forget to take time for ourselves. So, I have decided to set out a time of every day to do just that…which will generally fall around Adia’s nap time.

I intend to keep my goals for the year, it may take a little while but you can never rush learning. My personality is to attend one project at a time. Again, I will update as goals are accomplished one at at time. That being said, I’m currently still trying to target my weight and eating habits. I will be meeting up with my friend weekly to walk, as well as workout with my two lovely sisters at the gym on sundays, mondays, and tuesdays. My diet has changed from a snack of salty potato chips to sweet, crisp Gala Apples instead. I have been making wiser choices in what I choose to eat on a day to day basis. Because, it’s not just about the number on the scale, I want to be healthier.

This year, I plan to have a beautiful garden overflowing with richness and color. I would like to walk out to my garden, pick out what we’re having for supper and be done…Voila!
I went to the library with Adia last week and found a few books on gardening which I’m very eager to read. The anticipation of having a garden to get my hands dirty in enough to work for my food, gives me a great sense of pride. Matt and I have already started a compost just waiting to find a big enough bucket to transfer it to. We have been saving all of our vegetable/fruit peelings to transfer to the garden. I plan on preserving all the harvest has to offer. 😉 The compost started thus far>>>>

Here are the books I’ve chosen to read concerning Gardening-n-such:


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