Culinary school continued…..

I would like to just start this post off with saying, I love culinary school. My husband and I made the best decision in choosing to go back to school. The best investment one can make is in themselves and I’m pleased to say, we did just that! If your reading this Matt, Way to go you!;) Sharing the blessings with others has been the true joy of it all.
Thank you family and friends for all the loving support along the way. We feel your prayers and encouragement daily. Thank you- Thank you! Today at culinary school, we made pecan bars, lemon-squares and chocolate brownies. My baking group was given the wild card today being one of our important team members was sick. I’m happy to say we still came out on top this week.
I plan on memorizing my measurement formula’s this week. The recipes in my chef book differ from a regular cookbook. The recipes are stated in weights unlike cups in a regular cookbook.
That being said, it’s good for one to know their formulas when working in the kitchen or restaurant business. Time is of essence in the real world of cooking and entertaining. An important tip I have learned thus far, your mind must equally work just as swiftly as your hands in preparing a meal. Have a delicious day!

The pecan bars we're nutty, buttery and perfect.

The lemon-squares we're bursting with bright , clean flavor.

The brownies we're dark, rich, creamy and smooth.


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