My goals for the year continued…

I realize it’s been awhile since I last blogged about my current goals for the year… The saying rings true, ” slow and steady wins the race.” Since my last entry on this particular subject, I have lost weight, prepped my garden (compost), found my knitting needles,saving for my soap making supplies, picked up the guitar a couple of times/strummed a few chords. I have changed my eating habits by consuming lots of fruits, veggies, grilled, broiled, or baked meats. Every now and then I may go to my local drive -thru and order something fried but this is my ” sticky bun day” when I can order what I want and allow myself to be happy and continue in reaching my goals. Let’s just be honest here, If I we’re to deprive myself completely all missions would fail so you must give your self room to indulge every now and then just in moderation. This although is working to my disadvantage because I crave veggies, fruit and less greasy food now. This is a positive habit that has taken place in my life for which I’m very happy to say happened. I believe in living healthy and making changes. This is where it all begins in goal-making.


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