The perfect lunch.

A nice cold one with spicy crunch rolls. Sometimes, I wish I had the time and funds to make a culturally new dish every day. I mean, c’mon how fun would this be? My cupboard would look like an international food store with a variety of spices and ingredients for various recipes. Is there such thing as a perfect meal? I don’t think so. Every meal offers something different between the variety of taste and flavor. I couldn’t honestly say there is a perfect meal, that I could eat every single day because I haven’t tried everything yet. I plan to expand my palate the rest of my life. However, there are certain types of food I enjoy and Greek food happens to be one of them. In fact, I am making Ba-ba-ganoush for a study at my house tomorrow as I type. My garbanzo beans are soaking in cold water and my sliced carrots, spanish onion, chili’s and eggplant have all been prepped. I will take pictures as the process takes place so no worries! I will take the vow to make a culturally inspired food every wk maybe not every day but I think this would be fun and I would like to jot down my opinions, ideas for the specific recipe.


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