The adventure begins in 6 more days…..

Matthew and I are spending our vacation this year backpacking in the Ozarks. Our first couple of nights will be spent in a cozy cottage, refrigerator stuffed with junk food, big cozy bed to sprawl on and lots of room to just, do…nothing… at… all. Yes, I said it, Nothing. Vacation to me, means relaxing, stuffing your face with good food and beer, getting acquainted with the place your vacationing in and picking a couple of beautiful trails to backpack through. This week is sure to keep us busy enough getting our backpacking gear, freezer bag cooking recipes, and suitcases packed. The last backpacking trip was in 2010. Our honeymoon was spent in Seattle, Wa. It was surreal… the atmosphere was welcoming and felt almost like home. The food was amazing, the people we’re friendly, and the trails we’re unbelievably beautiful. The tree’s looked like giant paint brushes painting the sky baby blue. I get chill bumps even while I sit here and type there is no words to describe how incredible it was. I look forward to posting pics so you can share with me in my journey this year to Eureka Springs, Ar.


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