Culinary school and all it’s glory.

Yesterday, I took my practical in my Food Production class. I was ready for the chance to shine or utterly butcher the project at hand. The class was told to make chicken salad sandwiches as well as make batonnet, brunoise and tourne’ cuts. We we’re given approximately an hr to finish our sandwiches and 15 minutes to make our cuts. I made an 89% on my practical I was very happy! Chef said my tourne’ needed a little work but with time and experience I would improve. The sandwich had a good flavor and was the right consistency. Lets just say I’m very for written test. Wish me luck!


I apologize for a case of writer’s malfunction…here is a new post for your eyes to feast upon.

This week my plants started sprouting from my garden, hung up pictures in kitchen. I registered for my fall culinary classes, met a famous French chef who served in the White House for 26 years and lets just say it’s been an exciting,busy,rushed week. I feel I have accomplished alot though in my spare time this week between paying bills, filling out insurance information and cleaning the house all in the process. So, tonight was nice we ate dinner and shared a pint size of peppermint mocha ice-cream Starbucks- yum! It was one of those mental snapshot moments where you could savor it forever…it was nice to just do nothing but dip your spoon in a pool of ice cream and hope you get lots of chocolate chunks. It made it even sweeter to share it with my sweet little family. What’s your favorite sweet moments?

Authentic Mexican.

Tonight, I invited my sweet / cutie-pie sister in law to come over for a mexican dinner to share with us. We prepared Beef and Bean soup for an appetizer. The entree was Huevos Rancheros and Chili Verde garnished with cilantro and served with warm torilla’s and lime wedges. Dessert consisted of Amaretto Bread Budding with Orange Zest. The colors we’re magnificent. Just one of the many reasons I love preparing Mexican food. Here are some pics!

Heather and I.

One of the sweetest and beautiful girls I know...inside and out.

Chili Verde Sauce

Huevos- Rancheros

Beef and Bean Soup.

Huevos- Rancheros and Chili Verde garnished with cilantro and served with warm torillas and lime wedges.

Beef and Bean Soup.

Playing Card games.





Bread Pudding With Amaretto sauce and Orange Zest.

Let’s just be honest here.

I will never understand why human society thinks it’s a better idea to roam around with idea’s of someone or something without ever having the courage to directly face the problem at hand. It baffles me but I guess somethings in life are meant to be a mystery eh? Why do we choose to make things so complicated? As if we need any more complexity in our lives’. This is my muse for the day…I hope you find it to be raw and honest because that’s what I meant it to be.

" Why"?

Ever have one of those weeks?

I realize I haven’t wrote since last Thursday..our internet went Ka-Ploot! This week has been overwhelming for me between trying to keep a clean house, finish school work, run around after my three year old, pay bills and manage to make a homemade meal every night. I never thought I would miss having my internet so much…its useful for recipes, Netflix, schoolwork, research information and of course my beloved blog!

Organic Gardening

Spring time is finally here! This usually means it’s time to get our garden’s prepped..out come’s the garden tools, out comes the barnyard soil, and hopefully out comes the beautiful veggies. Today, Matt and I bought our ” rich” soil for the garden being the soil in our yard is dry and this isn’t typically the best soil for plants to thrive on. We bought barnyard manure mixed with soil which does wonders for the garden so I hear…we will see. This year we are planting eggplant, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, squash, beans ect… and a few herbs we’re going to grow on the front porch. There is nothing like going out to your backyard and picking “homegrown” veggies.

Matt pouring the barnyard soil.

spreading the barnyard soil.

Dark, rich, glorious soil.

The Last Mile.

My youngest sister and I decided to take an evening run after gorging our faces with mexican food tonight. I would say we ran 1/2 mile..I don’t have a cool gadget that detects miles stuck to my hip but this seems to be a sufficient enough answer. I have come to the realization that I need to start running again as I took a break and life threw me off my pace. I missed feeling the brace of solid ground between my tennis-shoes and the liberation of finishing. Palms sweaty, heart racing, though invigoratingly painful at times, running is my release. It separates me from my thoughts, emotions, anxieties and gives me a chance to leave the happenings of life for a little bit. Sometimes, we just need time, to not think. Time to soak up natural beauty, solitude and peace.

We we're tired yet energized.

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