I apologize for a case of writer’s malfunction…here is a new post for your eyes to feast upon.

This week my plants started sprouting from my garden, hung up pictures in kitchen. I registered for my fall culinary classes, met a famous French chef who served in the White House for 26 years and lets just say it’s been an exciting,busy,rushed week. I feel I have accomplished alot though in my spare time this week between paying bills, filling out insurance information and cleaning the house all in the process. So, tonight was nice we ate dinner and shared a pint size of peppermint mocha ice-cream Starbucks- yum! It was one of those mental snapshot moments where you could savor it forever…it was nice to just do nothing but dip your spoon in a pool of ice cream and hope you get lots of chocolate chunks. It made it even sweeter to share it with my sweet little family. What’s your favorite sweet moments?


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