The second semester of culinary school.

The second semester of culinary school..


The second semester of culinary school.

I will be honest,this semester of culinary school has been a challenging one. The reason being is some of my classes are online. I’m not a particular fan of this idea, nor would I encourage it. However, I have enjoyed my labs because I can freely create wonderful dishes while being critiqued on the flavor, texture, presentation and consistency of the meal. My food production II instructor has been a great resource for gaining knowledge in every aspect of the culinary field. I have learned to think like a professional chef and look for the details in every meal I produce for the consumer. The saying is true, ” I am only as good as the last meal that I served.”
Another factor that plays a role in the chaos this semester is being six months pregnant. Yes, it’s going to be a long couple of months. I feel tired but I know that I’m a step closer to fulfilling my dream. This is a constant reminder that it’s all going to be o.k. There are moments when I want to pull all my hair out and other times I feel completely drained. The funny thing is, I continually feel inspired to succeed and push forward through it all. My divine moment begins now and I’m going to take it.

Here’s a recent pic of the pregnancy bump:

My favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant is Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro located in the downtown river market area. There is a unique personality and vibe exemplified throughout the restaurant. A handcrafted, wooden horse draped with purple and gold linen greets you as you walk in through the double doors. An eclectic energy fills the walls of this establishment. Colorful chandeliers hang from the ceiling above you. Pieces of fine art strung at random along the multi-colored walls. There is a comfortable outside seating giving it a relaxed atmosphere. An upscale casual dining experience, at it’s best.
The menu consists of everything from soups, salads, burgers, pasta dishes, and dessert. This place is always crowded with hungry people ready to engross themselves in European/American food. They do not take reservations for groups less than ten people. Parking space is also limited. This being said, it’s an advisable idea to arrive early. Their spinach-artichoke dip is a personal favorite of mine. The server brings it out on a hot plate big enough for two and lays it on the table. Served with a heaping basket of tortilla chips. The artichoke and creamy mayonnaise give it a nice, rich, full-bodied flavor. My only suggestion is to serve the chips warm because it tastes more fresh as opposed to room temperature. Their burgers served alongside crinkle cut french fries is also a secret fancy of mine. A recent choice was the black and bleu burger entree. Dripping in black truffle oil and bleu cheese sauce, your hands might be a little greasy afterwards. A toasted bun holds this monstrosity together, soaking up the juices it so willingly yields. The flavor is earthy and slightly tangy. You may want to ask for a to go box because this is one huge burger.
If your looking for a place to kick back and have a few drinks there is a bar stationed at the front of the house. The dining room is spacious providing a convenient way for guests to be seated quickly. The service is substantial but sometimes it takes awhile before your order is served. The ingredients are made fresh daily taking some time to prepare. In a contest of quality versus speed of service, I choose quality. As a customer, I want to know that my meal looks and tastes the same as my last visit. This creates a security that draws repeated business from many who also enjoy this standard, known as consistency. One of the many factors that keep me coming back to Dizzy’s is the presentation and detail fused into every meal. My eyes share just as much of the meal as my taste buds do. I expect the meal that I ordered to look just as appetizing as it tastes. There is never a time I have left this restaurant feeling hungry because they feed you a substantial amount. Let’s just say, they’re not stingy with their portion size. The prices are not too shabby either. One downfall to this establishment, is the fact that it’s not family friendly. While they may have a kid friendly menu it’s evident this restaurant isn’t set up for high energy children.
Dizzy’s provides a flexible schedule for those who may want to drop in for lunch or dinner. Their serving hours are Tuesday through Saturday. Opening at eleven a.m. and closing at ten p.m. However, they do not provide delivery or pickup service. The staff is always friendly and helpful providing an enjoyable evening for the guest. I know I’m going to be provided excellent service every time I visit. There is an endless array of professionals checking on you to make sure your experience is satisfactory. As the customer, I want to leave feeling it was worth my time and Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro provides that opportunity as soon as I walk through it’s doors.