May your Christmas be filled with lots of sweetness!!!

Every year around Christmas it tends to get a little crazy because of all the family we visit during the holidays. Between my in-laws and both sets of parents to whom re-married it stays busy. This year, I decided to skip out on the shopping scene and whip up some homemade goodies. I have spent the last two days working on white fudge, chocolate fudge, caramel toffee bites, sweet potato bread, and chocolate walnut brownies. Being the cook, I had to sample to make sure the candies/bread met the required yummy factor. I am happy to say the task was accomplished. I like making homemade gifts because they are always going to require more of your time which in turn teaches you patience as well as love. Sometimes, its good for us to just slow down and savor the season. So, this year be creative and soak up the merry that truly comes from giving unto others.



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