Use it up, wear it out, and be creative!

I would like to start off saying that being productive is such a great feeling to me. The challenge is programming your mind to be resourceful every day. I would compare it to setting an alarm clock every night because that is a responsibility that we each must make. It is a sign of immaturity to buy things any moment we desire it. Self control is not always easy but it has its rewards. Our family saved 100-150 dollars last month because we chose to.
We live in a society that promotes that everyone should want; in reality everyone should need less. I honestly, prefer to have less in my life because it teaches you to be thankful. The life of simplicity is so releasing. As a mom, I do not need anymore “things” to bound my time. Get creative! Find ways of re-using, re-purposing and reap true fulfillment. In doing this, it teaches you to become selfless. Not only that, but I want my children to grow up cherishing the things God has blessed us with. I want going out to eat to not merely be a regular every day errand but a special time to share with my family. There were many times in the past where I felt as though Christmas had began to lose its meaning. I watched my four- year old tear into one present after the next as if it was just the every year routine. This broke my heart because I realized her wonder and joy no longer shined as before. Honestly, I questioned myself for a long time wondering if I had been the catalyst. It made sense…all those years I had been so distracted with what everyone wanted for Christmas that I never took the time to ask myself,”What do they need?” This year my husband and I decided that we are only buying the kids one gift each. I want to teach them to be responsible, mature, thankful, creative and most of all happy!

Tip#2 Re-use glass and plastic food containers after they are empty for storage.