My new hairstyle.

I chose long layers and choppy style with short bangs.

The trip to the beauty shop was an experience as always. I came to the realization that I left my memory card in the computer when trying to take pics of the whole transformation at the beauty shop. Sad face..until next time. I love my new hairstyle it’s very versatile, light, flirty and fun. Perfect change right before vacation which is by the way..tomorrow! AH! I hear the angels singing now…it’s going to be a heavenly getaway. Until next time….


A trip to the beauty shop

So, tomorrow I will be going to the beauty shop to get my hair trimmed, layered, colored and styled. I’m ready to have a day to myself. Every woman needs a day at the beauty shop to enjoy deep conversation, laughter, pure honesty and beauty tips. My hairstylist just happens to be my best-friend (sister). I’ve been trying to let my hair grow to prove a point that I can. I usually go for the short/chic style but this year I wanted to switch it up before vacation. I have been told by my hairstylist (sister) that she appreciates my sense of spontaneity. The way I look at it…hair can and will always grow back. So take chances! I actually make it a point to choose a different hairstyle every time I go to the beauty shop. Honestly, who wants to get the same haircut every time they come in and leave….Blah! Anyways here’s my idea’s and before picture.

The before picture

I like these bangs because they don't hang in the face like swish bangs.

This is cute & flirty. I like the layers & it's mid-length

Any idea’s ?