Expanding the palate….mmmm!

Today was my food production class. We tried several types of cheese in the kitchen this morning. It was fun and it was neat being able to distinguish the differences in all of them. This can also be known as expanding your palate which is useful later when knowing what ingredients pair well together. The Gouda and St Andre we’re my favorites. The flavors we’re smoky, nutty and intense. One word…YUM! These are all things I tested today. I was all cheesed out by the time I left.

The flavor of whole milk was creamy, sweet and thick.

The flavor of heavy cream was creamier than whole milk & buttery.

The flavor of buttermilk was creamy and tangy.

The flavor of sour cream was tart and smooth.

The flavor of cream cheese was rich and tangy.

The flavor of Mascarpone was smooth and less tangy than cream cheese.

The flavor of ricotta is gritty.

The flavor of feta cheese is pickly and tart.

The flavor of American cheese is smooth and creamy.

The flavor of cheddar cheese can be either mild or sharp and is zesty.

The flavor of Gouda is buttery, nutty and intense.

The flavor of Swiss cheese is mild with hints of tangy.

The flavor of brie is creamy and waxy.

The flavor of St. Andre is smoky, nutty and intense.

The flavor of goat cheese is sweet and chalky.

The flavor of Emmentaler cheese is rich.

The flavor of Parmegiano Reggiano is rich, nutty,intense and tangy.

The flavor of Romano is less nutty and rich than Parmegiano Reggiano.

The flavor of Blue cheese is rich, earthy, sweet and bitter.

The flavor of Roque cheese is similar to Blue cheese but less bitter.