The mystery plant has been revealed.

The mystery plant has been revealed..


The mystery plant has been revealed.

We discovered the mysterious plant that was growing in our garden was Peacock Canary Melon. It turns yellow when it’s ripe and is in the melon family. Much sweeter than honeydew and delicious cold. There is plenty to share between neighbors and friends. This summer is perfect for slicing open a ripe, ice cold melon. Just one of the many reasons that make summer so sweet besides the heat.

My sweet baby girl’s 4th birthday party.

The lemonade stand, Matt and I built together.

Sweet girl...

The proud parents.

Your growing up way too fast :(

It seems as though time has slipped away every sec, minute, hour ever since I held you in my arms for the first time. Life is just a fleeting raindrop. I wish I could rewind the memories and savor them forever but I realize this is impossible. But, I know I can look back always and know that you are the love of my life and the sweetest gift of all to ever be given. I thank God for you every day, my little angel.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

My beautiful sisters and I grabbed a bite to eat at On the Border. The food wasn’t all that great but the company was excellent. Between all three of us there was plenty of fun to share around the table. I would say the best thing as far as food goes was the salsa. Everything else tasted like it had been pulled out of the freezer and cooked until a sufficient timing..then served. I think I have become a food snob since culinary school. Heck, atleast we got a discounted price right? ( Cinco De Mayo) We then marched our booties off to see ” The Pirates! Band of Misfits.” Arrrr! Hilarious and very cute movie.

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I will drink to that.

My beautiful best friends

Taking jello shots.

Chelsea and I being goofballs.

Hope you had a wonderful Cinco De Mayo!

Authentic Mexican.

Tonight, I invited my sweet / cutie-pie sister in law to come over for a mexican dinner to share with us. We prepared Beef and Bean soup for an appetizer. The entree was Huevos Rancheros and Chili Verde garnished with cilantro and served with warm torilla’s and lime wedges. Dessert consisted of Amaretto Bread Budding with Orange Zest. The colors we’re magnificent. Just one of the many reasons I love preparing Mexican food. Here are some pics!

Heather and I.

One of the sweetest and beautiful girls I know...inside and out.

Chili Verde Sauce

Huevos- Rancheros

Beef and Bean Soup.

Huevos- Rancheros and Chili Verde garnished with cilantro and served with warm torillas and lime wedges.

Beef and Bean Soup.

Playing Card games.





Bread Pudding With Amaretto sauce and Orange Zest.

Wonderful friends, wonderful family and wonderful birthday!

I’ve had a wonderful 24th birthday and a little bit of a sun tan to go with it. The camping trip was so relaxing. We sat around the campfire reminiscing about the good ol’ times. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way. The only thing missing was my Dean guitar. The midnight air breathed softly as we sunk into our tents. We woke to find the beautiful sunshine peeking through to say hello in the morning.

One of my dearest friends, Bonnie-boo.

Bonnie-boo and Mark.

The night sky.

Adia skipping rocks...


A camping we will go!

A Camping we will go
A Camping we will go
Hi Ho the dairy o!
A Camping we will go

Tomorrow we are heading to the lake/ campground with some of our closest friends to just relax and have a good time. Thus far, it’s been a great birthday. I’ve got to share in my joy with others that mean so much to me. There is something so capturing about sleeping underneath the starry night skies on a bed of green. The stillness and awe of it all silences my soul. What a great opportunity to share the beauty of nature with family, friends, and good food/drink.