Chicken Grandma’s Cooking.

My English Composition I: Culinary class was asked to write about the best cook in the family: Here’s mine.

Natalie Porter
Mr. Gregan
English Composition I: Culinary
24 September 2012
Chicken Grandma’s Cooking
Chicken Grandma was and always will be the cook in the family. Lura Bell Schlesier was her given name but her grandchildren called her chicken grandma. She raised chickens, pigs, and three beautiful gardens. You may ask why we called her this? Chicken and dumplings we’re her signature dish. They we’re savory, rich, and creamy. It continues to be the yardstick, I measure all chicken and dumplings to, even today. My sisters and I would always say to each other that we could smell grandma’s cooking a mile away. The lessons she left behind lit the way for a future generation. She was a rare jewel to all who knew her in so many ways. There was always time to care for others before herself. She painted a picture of what true stewardship means.
There was a unique balance she kept in her kitchen for years. Rules we’re laid out and we’re required to be followed. She didn’t believe in wasting good food. So, whatever she prepared as the meal was eaten. Her kitchen was her sanctuary. A place for the cook to explore the ingredients and create a lasting impression on the guest. Her cooking method was creative yet resourceful in using what was available in the pantry. She wasn’t a fan of sharing the kitchen with someone else. Her belief was: ” The kitchen belonged to the cook and it was the right to have privacy”. As the guest, you we’re always served the meal first. The cook didn’t sit down until everyone was given their food. There was a close attention paid to detail and presentation. A prayer was always said before enjoying the meal. Everyone was welcome at her home whether family, friend, or stranger. She believed that true hospitality is selfless.
Grandma gave us opportunities to learn through her cooking. Every meal at her house was to be enjoyed with a heart full of thankfulness. If your hands weren’t laboring in some way, then your plate was an empty vessel. She taught us that only the happiest of cooks prepare the best meals. We learned that fellowship and family are the best accompaniments to any meal. Last of all, anyone that considers himself to be a good cook, must first learn to be a steward.
Routinely, she made a pie every three days. The ingredients we’re simple: pie crust, fruit preserves, butter and sugar. There is no greater splendor in this world than a fresh, hot, apple pie right from the oven. Breakfast was served every morning, regardless if you we’re hungry or not. This meal consisted of farm-fresh eggs, bacon, sausage links, and biscuits with peppered gravy. Grandma was well-known for her homemade giblet gravy. A southern, hearty, dish she served with dressing or sliced turkey. The main ingredient she used was love and you could taste it in every bite.
Dedication and hard work is what she lived by. She maintained three vegetable gardens every year. Half of the produce was sold to local stores for profit. Pigs and chickens we’re the main source of livestock. Everyday she would feed the animals and tend to the garden. She raised all three of her grandchildren after their mother left. Grandma had to carry the weight in the Schlesier household because Grandpa lacked motivation. If there was something to be mended or fixed, she faithfully tackled the task. Her attitude towards life and it’s many gains and losses was something to be admired. Behind every great cook is a legacy waiting to be told through food. My grandma’s spoke a multitude of love, truth and stewardship.


Special News!

Special News!.

Special News!

Matthew and I went to the doctor on Wednesday and found out that we’re having healthy lil boy. He’s measuring at 13 ounces and is right on target for his due date. We are so excited to finally have our family complete. We are naming him, Zion Matthew. Zion is hebrew for heaven and Matthew after his daddy for the middle name. He’s an active baby and is moving around alot at this stage. We can’t wait to meet our sweet lil boy. ❤

The mystery plant has been revealed.

The mystery plant has been revealed..

The mystery plant has been revealed.

We discovered the mysterious plant that was growing in our garden was Peacock Canary Melon. It turns yellow when it’s ripe and is in the melon family. Much sweeter than honeydew and delicious cold. There is plenty to share between neighbors and friends. This summer is perfect for slicing open a ripe, ice cold melon. Just one of the many reasons that make summer so sweet besides the heat.

Leave of Absence

Current updates on pregnancy. I had to take a leave of absence due to the severity of my sickness during pregnancy. I have lost quite a bit of weight and the doc says I need to stay home until I get to feeling better. Saltine crackers and gatorade have become my breakfast, lunch and dinner. My next doctor’s appointment is July 18th. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow and counting. I have never slept so much in my life, not losing any sleep here:) I know it will be worth it when I get to see my little gummy bear.

Current News on little gummy bear.

Our gummy bear.

Last week, I went to the doctor to see how our little ” gummy bear” was doing. The baby is healthy and is growing tremendously. It’s amazing how much development can take place in just a week. I could see it’s little heart go thumpity thump, thump. I’m officially 9 weeks and 3 days today. I’ve still had my battle with nausea but we’re working through it. Today, has been the first day in weeks that I’ve been able to keep down food in all honesty. So, it’s been a great day. I’ve lost 6 pounds so far while being pregnant. Looking on the bright side this means I will be the cute prego lady not the swollen, waddling penguin pregnant lady. Further updates to come!

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