My pregnancy thus far…..

I’ve finally gained my appetite after weeks of nausea and hugging my toilet. Hence, the reason I haven’t wrote on here in awhile. I was either lying on my couch trying not to move with trash can nearby or hugging the toilet in an attempt it would yield mercy. I love to cook, but I had to take a break during the nausea period because even the smell of food would send my stomach into a chaos of food/hormonal catastrophe. Now, that I’m past that stage for the most part. It seems I can enjoy the pregnancy in a deeper way. Here’s a recent pic. I will be 8 weeks tomorrow.


Book Review: ” A Cook’s Tour.” By Anthony Bourdain

I have been reading ” A Cook’s Tour” By Anthony Bourdain. The book is vivid in painting the reader a picture of the sounds, smells,flavor, taste, styles and traditions of the countries he visited during his tour around the world. The reader almost feels as if they are on the same journey with the author. Experiencing every emotion from delighted, sad, scared, angry, curious and overall inspired. There is a raw humor in this book that is undoubtedly keen and delightful.
If by some random chance I was to meet Anthony Bourdain..I might just pee my pants. I like the unpolished aspect of it all. Next time your looking for an adventure, try this.

Let’s just be honest here.

I will never understand why human society thinks it’s a better idea to roam around with idea’s of someone or something without ever having the courage to directly face the problem at hand. It baffles me but I guess somethings in life are meant to be a mystery eh? Why do we choose to make things so complicated? As if we need any more complexity in our lives’. This is my muse for the day…I hope you find it to be raw and honest because that’s what I meant it to be.

" Why"?