Special News!

Special News!.


Special News!

Matthew and I went to the doctor on Wednesday and found out that we’re having healthy lil boy. He’s measuring at 13 ounces and is right on target for his due date. We are so excited to finally have our family complete. We are naming him, Zion Matthew. Zion is hebrew for heaven and Matthew after his daddy for the middle name. He’s an active baby and is moving around alot at this stage. We can’t wait to meet our sweet lil boy. ❤

We are Pregnant!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Not only was it our 2nd year anniversary but we found out ” officially” we are pregnant. I received my little white slip of paper that said, I was 4 weeks/2 days pregnant. I’m due January 25th. We are absolutely ecstatic!! Matt bought me star gazer lilies, took me out last night to eat and we wen’t to the movies. It was the most wonderful day. I hope Adia adjusts well to her new baby brother or sister. We are hoping it’s a boy!

A little surprise.

So, for the last few weeks I’ve felt dizzy and not quite myself. I applied for insurance being I didn’t have any at the given time. Being suspicious my family suggested that I take a pregnancy test so, I took two. Just to be sure. Both tests came back positive, coincidence? I think not. Anyhoo.. I plan to go to the doctor this week to confirm this. Funny thing is Matt and I we’re not trying. Must be a God thing if I am. I will still push through culinary school until I’m ready to pop if this is confirmed to be true. I’m trying not to get too excited…but I feel confident I am.

The line is very faint but it’s there…