Fall is just around the corner.

Today, I woke up made me a cup of coffee like any other day, but something was different about this day. I stepped outside and it felt wonderful. Breezy enough to wear a jacket and just a hint of sunshine. What a refreshing discovery to find that fall is finally here in Arkansas. This is my favorite time of the year. The fall brings with it a special kind of charm. A magic, that sweeps in along with the falling leaves’. There is such a comfort found in this time of year between the woodsy smells that fill the air, hay rides, picking pumpkins for carving, and enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa while swinging on the front porch. I’m particularly excited because I can finally enjoy some cooler weather while being pregnant. Summers in Arkansas tend to be on the humid side. In my opinion, there is not a better time to visit or just enjoy Arkansas than in the fall. Nature has re-created itself into something of a fairy-tale. Tree’s swaying in rhythm while the wind sings her song,as families gather together for a special celebration of thanksgiving.


Because girls just wanna have fun!

Every woman no matter who she is needs to have a pamper atleast once a month. So I gathered some special ladies at my house, Monday for lots of it. We had free makeovers, given free tips on health/beauty products and snacked until we just couldn’t anymore. Personally, I know how it can feel to wake up every morning with your child tugging at your arm before the rooster crows to provide all their personal needs ALL DAY LONG. Though being a mother brings you much joy, it can tend to make you feel as though you’ve lost a bit of yourself. Because, as most of us know when you signed on to be a mother you become completely selfless. Your job never ends. So, this week whether your a mother, sister, friend, or daughter ect…Take some time out even if it’s only for 3o minutes to do what you love. You will be happier and so will everyone else. Because when momma aint happy, nobody happy! 😉