Because girls just wanna have fun!

Every woman no matter who she is needs to have a pamper atleast once a month. So I gathered some special ladies at my house, Monday for lots of it. We had free makeovers, given free tips on health/beauty products and snacked until we just couldn’t anymore. Personally, I know how it can feel to wake up every morning with your child tugging at your arm before the rooster crows to provide all their personal needs ALL DAY LONG. Though being a mother brings you much joy, it can tend to make you feel as though you’ve lost a bit of yourself. Because, as most of us know when you signed on to be a mother you become completely selfless. Your job never ends. So, this week whether your a mother, sister, friend, or daughter ect…Take some time out even if it’s only for 3o minutes to do what you love. You will be happier and so will everyone else. Because when momma aint happy, nobody happy! 😉