Our Beautiful Garden

Every other day, I have been walking down to the garden. Watering all the green beauty flourishing from the earth in our little square foot box. It’s been an amazing journey to see how rapidly your harvest grows right in front of you. I feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness.


De-tox continued…

So, I weighed myself today. I weighed the same. I’m sure the de-tox is more about substantial toxin-removal more than weight loss. The body can’t be deplenished of it’s nutrients completely. I still eat the same. For example: This morning I had bacon, sausage, eggs with chorizo, coffee with plain creamer. Snack was a 100 calorie pack, guacamole with chips. Now, I’m finishing my first packet dissolved in water. We will see by the end of the week..how I feel overall.

De-tox continued…

Day 3 on my de-tox. I feel I have lost weight. Surprisingly, I don’t have alot of energy. This could be due to Adia crawling in bed with me anywhere from 12:00 at midnight or 1:00 a.m. in the morning. Every now and then my stomach will tighten and this usually means I will be passing some of the toxins soon. Today, my stomach wasn’t agreeing with me but this is normal within the first few days of de-tox. Because your flushing your system completely of harmful toxins. This is all I have for today’s entry. I will weigh myself tomorrow to see if I’ve lost any.

Started a De-tox yesterday.

I basically add 1 serving of concentrate to a quart of water ( 32 fl. oz) Shake to mix. Drink until the last sip dissolves. Repeat everyday for 7 consecutive days. I have kept myself full of liquids to keep from dehydration the obvious. I eat the same. It will gently cleanse my body/system, assists with elimination of toxins, prepares the body for a weight management regimen, supports internal antioxidant activity, supports liver health, supports GI (gastrointestinal health) and helps promote a sense of well being. Contains all * organic* ingredients. Honestly, I feel light as a feather, I guess thats a good thing right? I will share my progress along the way…

Organic Gardening

Spring time is finally here! This usually means it’s time to get our garden’s prepped..out come’s the garden tools, out comes the barnyard soil, and hopefully out comes the beautiful veggies. Today, Matt and I bought our ” rich” soil for the garden being the soil in our yard is dry and this isn’t typically the best soil for plants to thrive on. We bought barnyard manure mixed with soil which does wonders for the garden so I hear…we will see. This year we are planting eggplant, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, squash, beans ect… and a few herbs we’re going to grow on the front porch. There is nothing like going out to your backyard and picking “homegrown” veggies.

Matt pouring the barnyard soil.

spreading the barnyard soil.

Dark, rich, glorious soil.

Alas! We’re Home Sweet Home.

We arrived home a few hours ago. Ran to Grandma’s house to see our sweet “big” girl whom we missed dearly. Unpacked our things, freshened up and went to dinner at Cracker Barrel. Being both of us we’re craving some good ol’ southern/homemade food. We consumed a lot of gourmet food while vacationing in Eureka Springs so it was nice to have something deep fried/ greasy for a change. Wow! we had an amazing vacation but I was ready to be, ” Home Sweet Home.” Looking back on our vacation I would have’t to give it a score of 9 out of 10 possible points. Pro’s and con’s are as follows: Pro’s- plenty of day/night activities to keep us busy, beautiful outdoor trails not far from historic Eureka Springs, Winery literally five minutes away from cottage, Mixture of several cultures, a wide array of artistry, organic farming, Easy to find coffee shops ( Great coffee), Lodging prices we’re affordable and our cottage was cleaned every day upon arriving back. Con’s- I wasn’t impressed with some of the restaurants service or food. I found a piece of glass in some of Matt’s leftover Alfredo fettuccine which turned my stomach upside down from a particular ” well known” restaurant. Some of the people in the restaurant business we’re very unprofessional and needless to say didn’t receive a plump tip. The weather dampened our plan’s to go backpacking but we managed to still have a good time. Many of the store’s we’re over-priced on certain items but that didn’t stop me from shopping..;) It’s vacation..I plan to enjoy myself and that I did. Goodbye Eureka Springs until next time!

A hike in the great woods.

This morning I awoke to my alarm clocking blaring, ” Wake Up!” I was meeting up with a friend/kids to go hiking in the great outdoors. You may be wondering where our journey began and so I will simplify it for you. We put on the shield of bravery, hiking through blistering winds, treacherous paths, unforgiving mountains…..to find a place called…… Cedar Falls, on Petite Jean Mountain. Ignore the above sentence I just wanted to leave a sense of bewilderment. Oh, but what our eyes did see will AMAZE you.

While walking upon the path we happened to spot this lovely creature.

Cedar Falls, Petite Jean Mountain....beautiful!

Kiddo's playing in the creek...

Adia having fun with Momma.

The raw beauty that nature yields....


If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere- Van Gogh

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