We are officially in our new apartment. <3

We moved into our new apartment last Saturday with the help of our great friends. We have officially finished remodeling which is a major relief. Just a few paint touch-ups. I feel so at home. Ofcourse, I will be adding a few more idea’s and decorations but that will come with time and money. I think it looks pretty darn good for just moving in though 🙂
Here’s some pics.


Remodeling the new apartment.

The last few weeks of my life have been busy. My husband and I both started school and are moving into a new apartment in less than a week. Being the remodeling guru I am…the process has been quite fun. Two years back we remodeled the current apartment we are living in and let me tell ya it was a transformation. My decorating style has evolved since our last project as well.

Our new kitchen is a deep ruby barn red. The decoration style will be retro cafe’. Living room is a cocoa parfait’ color which is very light and airy mixed with a flea market style & vintage flavor. The bathroom is a mossy grey green with a hint of country charm. Adia’s bedroom will be painted either a rose pink, light lavender, or peachy pink and style will consist of whimsical fairy tale. Our bedroom is an antique white and the style will be shabby chic.

My inspiration for decorating is country living and do it yourself magazines. I enjoy creating style out of salvage finds. Flea markets/ Antique shops are the best resource for discovering treasure. There are so many innovative ways to dramatically change the use of everyday things you may have around your house. This idea not only gives perspective but creativity a whole new name. Here’s our progress thus far….
Matt cutting in on the edges of the wall in our bedroom

Painting the fun part.....

Adia helping Dad-o cut in.

Angle of Adia's soon to be bedroom.

The master bedroom.

The living room thus far...

The bathroom.

Our study room

Stairway that will be painted in the next couple of weeks.

Halfway decorated kitchen.