And it shall come to pass…the unexplained is inevitable.

There are so many people that have let their fears,anxieties and impulses take control of their lives’. In all honesty, we can invest our time in others, pray for our country & the leaders governing it, and ultimately putting ourselves ourselves last. Conversely is obviously not working because it’s happening right now. Sometimes admitting that we don’t understand all things is the doorway to knowledge. We let opinions, technology, religion,and government sway us to and fro.

The unexplained is simply this: unexplained. I believe with all my heart somethings are meant to be a mystery. If all things we’re known, What would there be to unbound? I like the feeling of being a paint-stroke across a bigger canvas than I.


The pro’s and con’s of technology.

My opinions on this particular blog will consist of technology and it’s devastating but positive change. Don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy waking up to a cup of coffee paired with an email. A delightful experience this can be sharing a somewhat personal relationship with family, friends and co-workers. Question is: Has this same technology pushed us apart somehow?
While websites like Facebook,Twitter, Myspace and Skype re-connect us they also disable us.

Yes, we can search those whom we haven’t seen in awhile, message them, or just like their status but does that qualify as being an in depth relationship with that person? Our generation of society has becomes so lazy. Ironically, most of these websites are for socializing yet few words are actually spoken but typed.
Again, I’m not against having a Facebook..obviously because I have an account of my own. The point is, When did we lose our manners? I’m speaking to myself as well.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems even young kids can’t focus in school. Could it be technology entertains us so much we have lost all sense of creativity? Moderation is the key and knowing when enough is enough. My husband and I both enjoy searching the internet for our various projects and the internet has been a most helpful avenue for this. So, I do think the internet can be very useful and effective as well.

I do enjoy picking up a good read and melting into a book especially at night. It can be so calming yet rewarding being able feel the wear of the pages against your fingertips. There is such a magic in holding a book that doesn’t have the effect of ever running down or losing it’s character. Personally, I don’t like the look or price of the nook. Call me old- fashioned but I would rather read from an ancient book than a generic $ 200.00 wanna be the real deal nook.

They are so original they used the last four letters of the word book. Genius! (sarcasm) Back to my point, I guess I miss having something to look forward to without it being so convenient these days. Intrigue is vanishing and it makes me sad. I want to wake up and not know what everyday for the rest of my life is going to be like it’s what gives us room to create, evolve, and explore the things we always wanted to. Hope you enjoyed! Read a book or something 😉 Goodnight!