Ever been stuck in slow mode?

This particular week has been my week to “shine” in this area. Example: I was talking to Matthew on the phone while driving on the way home from work..during this process I began to wonder, ” I lost my phone.” while of course talking on it. All I can do is keep a good sense of humor and laugh about it.

This picture best describes how I've felt this week.


The adventure begins in 6 more days…..

Matthew and I are spending our vacation this year backpacking in the Ozarks. Our first couple of nights will be spent in a cozy cottage, refrigerator stuffed with junk food, big cozy bed to sprawl on and lots of room to just, do…nothing… at… all. Yes, I said it, Nothing. Vacation to me, means relaxing, stuffing your face with good food and beer, getting acquainted with the place your vacationing in and picking a couple of beautiful trails to backpack through. This week is sure to keep us busy enough getting our backpacking gear, freezer bag cooking recipes, and suitcases packed. The last backpacking trip was in 2010. Our honeymoon was spent in Seattle, Wa. It was surreal… the atmosphere was welcoming and felt almost like home. The food was amazing, the people we’re friendly, and the trails we’re unbelievably beautiful. The tree’s looked like giant paint brushes painting the sky baby blue. I get chill bumps even while I sit here and type there is no words to describe how incredible it was. I look forward to posting pics so you can share with me in my journey this year to Eureka Springs, Ar.

Ah! The essence of doing nothing.

I love coming home from work and curling up to a good book, cup of coffee and ice cream. A simple reminder of how sweet life truly is. The joys of doing absolutely nothing are endless. I am the type of person who likes to come home kick off her shoes and just relax.

Culinary school continued…I received an ” A” on my mid-term.

So, I guess all that late night studying is paying off…I received my mid-term today and I have an ” A” in the class. I have learned so much thus far and hope to continue evolving into a better chef. This has been a wonderful experience and I encourage anyone who is interested in this field to invest in going to school.
You can do it!

Positive experiment.

My pledge for the month of march to banish all negativity. Therefore, positiveness will flow from my lips.
I thought this would be an interesting experiment. I want to see how this one effort alone can effect the world around me. I always tend to look at the brighter side of things so this particular adventure should be easy for the most part right? I have faith this will create change in all those who are intertwined or connected to me in someway. I will record my thoughts weekly on this experiment. So check it out!

Who know’s it may just rub off on someone 😉

The man in black.

Let’s just simplify this: I miss Johnny Cash. He was such a great artist of many sorts. He was born February 26, 1932, in Kingsland, AR. In 1950 Cash joined the Air Force and trained in Texas where he met his first wife. After his service and discharge, he formed a band and landed a record deal. By the early 1960s, he was a musical superstar. In 1967 he married June Carter. He recorded his last track of his final album a week before his death in 2003.

The depth of a handwritten letter.

I just finished writing a few of my dear family members and I was reminded of how nice it is to give and receive of something that holds such truth and depth. There is something magical about writing a letter. The deepest parts of your soul are unveiled making you vulnerable yet candid at that very moment the ink touches the paper. We lose depth in day to day life when we take the easy way out. I prefer to give back something that gives of itself and may be cherished throughout the years. What is something you like to give that gives back?

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