A hike in the great woods.

This morning I awoke to my alarm clocking blaring, ” Wake Up!” I was meeting up with a friend/kids to go hiking in the great outdoors. You may be wondering where our journey began and so I will simplify it for you. We put on the shield of bravery, hiking through blistering winds, treacherous paths, unforgiving mountains…..to find a place called…… Cedar Falls, on Petite Jean Mountain. Ignore the above sentence I just wanted to leave a sense of bewilderment. Oh, but what our eyes did see will AMAZE you.

While walking upon the path we happened to spot this lovely creature.

Cedar Falls, Petite Jean Mountain....beautiful!

Kiddo's playing in the creek...

Adia having fun with Momma.

The raw beauty that nature yields....


If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere- Van Gogh