A penny saved is a penny earned.

I quit my job at around eight months pregnant with our son, Zion Matthew. I made the decision to stay home with both the kids. I just love being a mommy its the best job in the world! Daycare is so expensive and quite honestly I want to raise my own kids. Being that my husband is the only one working at this time, we both agreed to go back to the basics. I recently started couponing and spying out what goes on sale. This has become my new favorite hobby. I base our weekly meals on specials at the store. Yes, I have become the crazy coupon lady but that is ok with me because I am saving money. I am not saying that we haven’t had to make sacrifices..for example, eating out, buying name brand Starbucks coffee or going to the movies has become a “special treat.” I believe it can make you appreciate things alot more than you normally would. Sometimes, the hubby and I will have a movie ” date-nite” after the kids have went to bed. We will basically camp out on the couch with our favorite ” movie-time” snacks and rent a movie from Netflix…its oh so nice! If we decide to go out to eat one week then I usually have a coupon for the restaurant we are going to. My next plan to save money is to get my sewing machine fixed so that I can start making clothes for the kids as they continue to grow. The older I’m getting the more practical I’m becoming. These days its so expensive to just live especially for families that is why saving is so important to us. The month of April’s challenge is to see how much we can save. Every week that I go to the store I’m going to record the amount spent as well as the amount saved and see how it equals out in the end. The budget for groceries is $100-150 every two weeks. I will allow you to follow me on this saving frenzy adventure sharing tips and ideas for dinner along the way;)

Tip # 1
Buy a three ring binder and fill with plastic business card dividers to help keep the coupons nice. I would suggest getting dividers to separate the category of coupons as well to keep it organized for example: frozen grocery, dry grocery, misc. ect.



Things you may find at your local Goodwill store.

I’m a bargain shopper. This being said, Every few weeks I go exploring at my local re-sale shops to see what treasures I may find. Some weeks I may find nothing but an exit out the door and other weeks my bags are flourishing with goodies that I found in one trip. So, it may vary from time to time. I guarantee it’s worth your time to check out some of your local re-sale shops as mom always says, “Where there is a will..there is a way.” For example: A couple of weeks ago, all I found was a dish set for $8.00. The condition is fabulous and looks to be brand new. I love the olive green color as well.

This is the best approach to finding good deals and living green. You are not only saving money but recycling as well. I love being a able to find an item that is name brand with the price still on it and get it way cheaper than the original price tag ( cha-ching!) Not only is this endeavor rewarding but beneficial in helping you to learn the quality of the simple dollar. My advice is to try and arrive early so you can catch the stock that has just been set out by the employees’ before the afternoon rush hits. It always goes back to the old sayings, ” The early bird gets the worm.” Here are some treasure I’ve found at my local Goodwill.