Vacation Adventures.

I woke up this morning to receive a message from my father-in-law (Paw-Paw)that said, Sorry if I woke ya’ll. Dangerous, life threatening flash foods likely in your area through Thursday morning. Please don’t drive or hike thru high water. Call me. News Weather Chanel says 12 to 15 inches of rain possible, at least 6 inches. Sigh of relief. Thankfully we hadn’t decided to backpack earlier in the week. Today it’s been slightly rainy and super windy. We are just going to wait everything out. We woke up early this morning, grabbed some breakfast at Mud Street Cafe, shopped a little more in downtown Eureka, Springs. Visited Keels Creek Winery, drove to cottage..popped open bottle of semi-sweet red, which led to lots of lounging around and cat naps. We started getting hungry and decided we we’re in the mood for some barbecue and let me tell ya, It was finger lickin’ good! Drove down to Leather-Wood Lake and took some pics and looked at a few campsites for later on this week. On the way back in, we noticed a watch tower and decided to stop and take a looksy. The tower looked to have been built in the 1960’s not sure though. I was proud of myself for taking the challenge.As I climbed every short, narrow step I glanced through my peripheral vision at the strikingly beautiful yet scary scenery that stretched out beyond me. I had faith that I could make it to the top and my golly I did.

We discovered why Humpty Dumpty fell on St. Patricks day. He had too much green beer!

Breakfast at Mud Street Cafe'

Mushroom/Spinach Swiss Omelette....Divine.

Hence the empty plate....

Keels' Creek Winery...thoroughly enjoyed!

Step 1. Twist. Step 2. Pull. Step 3. Pop!


Bubba's Barbecue.

Driving to Leather- Wood Lake.

Enjoying Nature.

Nature and it's many splendor's.

The view from top of Watch Tower.

Happy I made it to the top.